Excessive Salt Weakens The Immune System

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4 months ago
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Source: University Hospital Bonn


A diet high in salt is not only harmful for the blood pressure, but also for the immune system of
our body. An ongoing study in the leadership of the University Hospital Bonn concluded that
human volunteers who consumed an additional six grams of salt per day showed prominent
immune deficiencies along with an irregular blood pressure. We examined volunteers who
consumed six grams of salt in addition to their daily intake, says Prof. Kurts. This is roughly
the amount contained in two fast food meals, i.e. two burgers and two portions of French fries.
When tested after a week, the scientists found that the immune cells coped much worse with
bacteria after the test subjects had started to eat a high-salt diet.
As the world fights with Covid-19, it is important to maintain a strong immunity among kids of
ages 0-6 as well as adults over the age of 60 as these are the groups which are at a high risk due
to an immune system which is weaker as compared to the rest. The WHO suggests that the
maximum salt intake should be no more than 5 grams per day which is approximately one level
teaspoon. However, in reality, we reach for the salt shaker much more than what is good for us.

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