Delhi Board of State Education gets mixed opinions

Riya Sree Kaishyap
a month ago
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Source: NDTV

The CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, announced on Saturday that a separate board of education will be set up for the schools in Delhi. To initiate this process, around 20-25 government schools will be de-affiliated from CBSE and affiliated to the new state board. 

CM Kejriwal said, “The new board has three main aims- to raise kids who are patriotic and contribute to the country’s development, children who break these walls of caste and religion and treat each other as fellow human beings, and children who can stand on their own feet and won’t have to struggle to find a job.”

Many schools principals are hopeful that this new board will make a good difference in the educational sector of Delhi. Priyanka Barara, principal of MRG School, Rohini stated that this new board will help obtain a qualitative outlook of the students’ assessment and will surely be helpful in future. Eminent Educationist Sunita Gandhi mentioned, “This decision aligns well with the National Education Policy and the DBSE is likely to set a benchmark for other boards."

However, the All India Parents Association is against the setting up of DBSE (Delhi Board of State Education). The national president of the association, Ashok Agarwal, mentioned, "The new board will lower the standard of education. We oppose this decision of the Delhi Government and want the government to reconsider its decision."

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