Creating an inclusive education program for children with learning disabilities

Mayank Jain
10 days ago
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Creating an inclusive education program for children with learning disabilities

Source: NDTV Education 

Learning disabilities is an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of learning problems in children. This is not a problem with the intelligence or motivation of the child. It is a problem with processing and how the brain receives and processes information. This causes difficulties in learning new material and putting already learned material to use. 

The most common types of Learning disabilities involve problems with reading, writing, math, listening, speaking, and reasoning. Every child struggles with academic work from time to time; however, it may be indicative of a learning disability only if persistent consistently over an extended period.

The first and foremost requirement would be teachers trained to teach children having Learning Disabilities. Teacher Training needs to be continuous, focus on teaching content using a multisensory approach. The curriculum needs to be broken into smaller units so that students are not overwhelmed by the volume of content to be assimilated all at once.

Any child with a disadvantage exposed will go through feelings of helplessness, frustrations, and low esteem. A program that focuses on Mental Health is mandatory to help build self-esteem and keep the student motivated to learn. The Mental Health program must be focused not only on those students having learning disabilities but also on the rest of the student population as well.

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