Congenital Heart Disease in Kids

Pratham Suwal
13 days ago
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Congenital Heart Disease in Kids

Source: The Indian Express

Heart diseases have been on the rise across the world and a major factor for the same is changing lifestyles. A substantial number involves the younger population, which is why it is important to be aware of congenital heart diseases (CHD) in children.


Congenital heart disease, one of the most common birth defects, is a set of defects that affects the way in which the heart develops and functions from birth and has the capacity to change the way blood flows through a person’s heart.


A recent study shows that every year more than 2,00,000 children in India are born with congenital heart disease, one-fifth of whom are highly likely to be in a serious condition requiring surgery within a year of birth.


Most CHD issues occur early as a child’s heart begins developing before birth. Even though the exact cause of CHDs may be unknown, there are some risk factors that could play a role to it such as: Smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy, Certain medications consumed during pregnancy, Smelling or consumption of harmful substances during pregnancy, Genetic factors/syndromes etc.


Various treatment options are available to diagnose and treat congenital heart defects at present. They include medicines, catheter procedures and surgery to treat and cure many conditions. Some defects require multiple staged procedures and some need staged palliative procedures.


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