Blow to playschools as Covid-19 plays out

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Blow to playschools

Source: Times of India

Two years ago Chetna Singh and her partner left their jobs to open the playschool in north Delhi after realizing that their neighbourhood offered no Montessori education. This year they find it very difficult to sustain their project. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, this startup playschools have been hit hard. Even the private schools which provide education at very affordable costs are in difficult times, on the other hand, the playschools are in the worst situations as offering online classes for kids is neither practical nor feasible. Since march neither they have collected fees nor new admission.

In 2019-24 the preschools had determined the growth of around 19%, so they were basically seen as a lucrative source of income. But Covid has played spoilsport. 

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The reports say, "the decision to reopen kindergartens might come before decisions to reopen primary or secondary schools. Given the role, preschools serve in supporting not only children but also the ability of parents to return back to work. The loosening of lockdowns also means young children will need care urgently as their parents return to work.”

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