| A New study reveals that the baby's gender is based on inheritance

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Source: Times of India

As per the new research of Newcastle University in England, it's revealed that the genes of the father decide whether you will have a son or a daughter. Till now, the way of understanding the sex of the baby, by scientists was determined by if it's either an X or Y chromosome, that combines with mother's X chromosomes to make either XX (girl) or XY (boy).

As per the new study, a man's ratio of X and Y sperms is controlled by an unnamed gene, that makes them more likely to a child of one sex than others. If a father has more brothers and fewer sisters, he is more likely to have a son, and if he has more sisters, he is more likely to have a daughter.

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"Females find mates more easily, if the male population is higher, so men with more daughters will pass on their genes that will cause the birth of more females in the future" as stated by a scientist from Newcastle team.

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