A baby’s heartbeat can reveal if the mother is dealing with anxiety or depression

Mayank Jain
a month ago
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Source: Indian Express

Mothers are always advised to be stress-free during the period of pregnancy. A recent study found that the babies of mothers, dealing with anxiety or depression, exhibit stronger signs of stress than the babies of healthy mothers.

These babies show a notably increased heart rate, which researchers fear may lead to imprinted emotional stresses as the child grows up. The interaction between the mother and the baby, during the early months, plays an important role in healthy development.

Mood disorders are common during the pregnancy and postpartum period. But, if it is not taken care of while interacting with the baby, can create insecurities in the children as they grow older.

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In a finding, researchers have shown that babies of anxious or depressed mothers had a significant rise in heart rate, on average eight beats each minute more than that of the babies of healthy mothers. These babies were classified by their mothers as having a more difficult temperament than healthy babies. Hence, it becomes important for the mother to cure her mood issues for the healthy development of the child.

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