West Bengal Gov. launches bridge course for school students

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2 months ago
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West Bengal Gov. launches bridge course for school students

Source- IndianExpress 

The State Government of West Bengal has decided to devise a bridge course by the name of 'Setu Pathakram' and launch it in the new academic session starting January 2022 for students of all classes of all schools. It will be a 100-day long bridge course equipped to make students feel confident in their newly promoted classes. Chairman of the Expert Committee on curriculum and textbooks, Avik Majumdar said that this new course would be made available for students of all standards or classes. 


The primary purpose of introducing such a course is to help students understand the subjects they will be studying to fill the gaps that may have emerged during online classes since March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In mid-November of this year, educational institutions in West Bengal reopened for students of classes 9-12 while the training of teachers for state-run educational institutions has already begun. “Say, for instance, a student of class 4 in the pre-pandemic time is set to attend class 6 if the junior section reopens from January. The course will act in the same way like a bridge that connects two different points,” Mr. Majumder said.


The modules for each class and level have been expertly designed and formulated. He also added that if any new development emerges in the COVID-19 pandemic and offline classes are stalled again, the course would be implemented once the situation normalizes again. He also added that students, especially those belonging to classes 6,8, and 11 would be imparted lessons on the details about the coronavirus, the dos and don'ts of averting any possible contact or chances of getting infected, and also guidelines for COVID appropriate behavior. The course shall also be made customizable in nature depending upon the needs and abilities of the students of the respective classes. 

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