Growing Community: Parenting through change

Tanmay Tandon
4 days ago
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Growing Community: Parenting through change

Source: Aspen daily news

The end of the school year, with promotions, extensions and so many other ceremonies and changes, is a moving and emotional time for parents.

Whether it’s the last day of kindergarten or high school graduation, parents are always going to be swamped with excitement, anxiety and melancholy at the passing of time.

We find ourselves grasping at both the memories of events and also what it felt like “before.” Wasn’t it only yesterday that we were holding our babies? And now we’re listening to “Pomp and Circumstance Marches?”

How can we reconcile all these complicated feelings, letting our kids go while still supporting them in what they’re going through while also taking care of ourselves?

This is problematic for all of us, and it isn’t easy to prepare for how you’re going to feel as your children grow up. It is hard for our kids, too.

It is not surprising that even normal school transitions are understood as “risk factors” in children. It’s one of the reasons that celebrations and rites of passage are important; they create markers and allow us to prepare for what’s next.

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