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The admission process in Noida Schools is open throughout the year. But some schools close the admissions if their seats get filled,it is mostly on a first come and first serve basis. Admissions in schools for next academic year usually starts in July.

The Age Criteria in Noida Schools is different for every school. The details of these criteria are mentioned in the school websites. However, most of the schools have set 3 years to be the minimum age for nursery admissions as of 31st march of that academic year.

There is not a set standard shortlisting criterion for all the schools. Each school follows different criteria for selecting children. Some schools follow the criterion of Sibling and Staff, while some also take the diversity of the parents’ profile into consideration.Some schools also take interviews of parents or child and then they finalise for the Admission in their school.

According to ezyschooling, every parent has their own preferences, location, and budget for school admissions. So, there should not be a defined list of schools for every parent but we should target some specific schools according to our own interests.Ezyschooling also helps parents in forming their own personalized school list for admissions with the school admission guidance programme.

Are you looking for school admissions in Noida ?

Ezyschooling helps you in applying to different schools through a digital platform.
With only one school form you can apply to multiple Noida schools at once. And provides you the list of preschools, private schools and different boards of schools Make the right decision with choosing a school for your child with ezyschooling tools.

Ezyschooling paves the way to Digitalised School Admissions

We understand that school admission of a child is not an easy job, so ezyschooling makes it easier for you. As there will be no paperwork as the application form, payments and everything will be digital. Ezyschooling provides you regular updates regarding school admission in noida through digital media.

Explore Schools Around Noida

You can see the top schools in your locality and can get regular updates of school admission in Noida after getting yourself registered with EZYSCHOOLING. We have listed various schools of Noida under each board. Pick your choice of the board for your child, and we'll take you through the rest.