Moulding Education through Fun

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Riya Sree Kaishyap
2 years ago
Moulding Education through Fun

Being educated or seeking education does not have to do with formal education alone. When we speak of an educated individual, we speak of a person who knows right from wrong, who knows the art of survival, who understands the differences in a society and who upholds himself, or herself, as one of the able citizens of the country.

What is Education?

Education is the state of being aware. In simple words, education is learning. Usually, when we speak of an educated person, we imply a man who is learned in all the important aspects of society. Education does not just refer to rote learning or mugging up facts and history. It requires a person to be aware of his surroundings, of the happenings around him and in the world. Nobody said that education can be obtained only in a four-wall bound formal environment. There are many ways to obtain an education, the most popular being obtaining education through fun.

Learning, especially for children, should have some appeal that draws them voluntarily towards education. There is no use in learning if children have to be forced and rebuked towards it. Thankfully, many parents of the 21st century understand the importance of voluntary learning and adopt appropriate measures towards developing the aptitude for learning in children.

Even the Internet helps the parents in researching and employing educational activities and learning activities for kids that push towards fun learning for the kids. Also, these activities are different for different age groups, and according to the best of their interests. The educational activities for kindergartens are different from the educational activities for elementary schools as the children undergo a change of interests as they gradually grow up. Thus, the educational activities for kids need to be planned after considering what interests the kids most at the current age.

Making Learning Fun

Moulding Education through Fun

The learning activity for kids can be different for children of different age groups. However, here are some ways of introducing fun learning for kids that are guaranteed to work for children of varying age groups.

  • Connect Learning to Real Life: The one question that troubles students is whether they can implement whatever they learn in real life. This is actually a valid question that needs to be answered to draw students towards learning. The easiest way to answer this question is to teach with examples from real life.
  • Engage their Mind: While getting started with a new lesson or concept, ask the kids to listen attentively as they will be given a chance to demonstrate what they learnt. You can ask them to talk about what they learnt from a story or to even draw something that illustrates what they liked best or found interesting in the lesson.
  • Introduce Classroom Movement: If there are necessary facilities, then you can also take kids out into the open for their classes once in a while. Another fun movement would be asking them to respond in claps or thumbs up when agreeing with a point that you made or a thumbs down if they didn’t. This will keep them alert and engaged.
  • Encourage Interaction: Let children work in groups. This will help them find underlying facts that one of them might have ignored. Working with friends and classmates will also keep them engaged and make them look forward to the classes. You can also ask students to change partners often make interaction and learning a lot more fun.
  • Introduce Learning Games: Introduce fun games in the learning sessions to keep the children’s mind engaged.  These games keep the children entertained with also aiding in the educational process, subsequently helping them to develop an interest in studies.  Nowadays, there are even games available to help your kids with specific subjects.

Speaking of learning games, Borad EduGames has become quite a sensation in the educational games section. Founded by Ayush Anand and Rahul Utamchandani, Borad EduGames presents a line of educational games aimed towards enhancing knowledge in students through the use of interactive thought-provoking board games.

Moulding Education through Fun

Borad EduGames initially started out as a college project that was created with a simple objective to bring back the fun in learning. This was an important step for many as learning had just become a mechanical process of teaching and learning. Education had been reduced to the bare minimum i.e mugging the course up and trying to remember in the exams. Parents were in dire need to develop their kids’ interest in learning and were constantly on the lookout for the same. Thankfully, the simple college project started receiving rave reviews and won podium positions in several start-up competitions. That’s when the founders came up with the brilliant idea of transforming the college project into the full-blown Borad EduGames.

At Borad EduGames, they believe that learning should not only be educational, but also fun. Hence, their mission is to enhance the education system in a manner that increases enthusiasm among students about various subjects. To achieve this goal, the company is working on creating games that help to develop interests in different subjects. As of now, they already have games related to 4 different subjects in the market- English, Geography, History and Mathematics. They also have other subject games lined up for release.

Start-ups like Borad EduGames are kind of a blessing for children. They help kids to develop an interest in studies, through a fun medium. And once that interest sits well, kids are likely to sustain that interest in the future as well.


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