Integrity of Curriculum: Illustrating the Result of a Right Curriculum

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Mc Cheros Rymbai
2 months ago
Integrity of Curriculum: Illustrating the Result of a Right Curriculum

A school's curriculum has a huge role to play in the development of its students. With the right curriculum, schools can foster the holistic development of their students, hone their skills and enhance their capabilities. It is essential to discuss why an equitable curriculum should be implemented, what benefits that come from it and how it helps the students indefinitely. In this article, we will be exploring the integrity of curriculum and the outcome that surfaces when the right curriculum is introduced in schools. 

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Firstly, let us get into the definition and meaning of the term 'curriculum'. Simply, the term curriculum refers to the lessons and academic content taught in a school. Curriculum basically refers to the courses that a school focuses on to impart to the students. Broadly speaking, Curriculum can also refer to the knowledge and skills that students are expected to learn and endure whilst at a specific school, which includes assignments, projects, and assessments given to students to evaluate their learning and understanding.

According to David G. Armstrong (1989),  “Curriculum is a master plan for selecting content and organizing learning experiences for the purpose of changing and developing learner’s behaviours and insights.” 

As we continue to dive into the meaning of curriculum, we can see that it has different interpretations by different scholars and authors, but its definition and meaning remain the same. 


Importance of Curriculum in Schools

Curriculum: Integrity of curriculum

The curriculum of schools is fabricated and implemented by the educational institute, whereby the necessities for all-round development of the students are ensured, considering all the needs and requirements that are necessary at each school level. Therefore, the importance of curriculum lies in its process, strategy, implementation and result, if a curriculum is drawn carefully for every school level thoughtfully and mindfully, the expected outcome is meaningful for the students are subjected to learn all that is necessary and fair for their growth and development. 

Some of the benefits of a well-planned curriculum are:

  • Keeps Up with this Competitive World: A well-planned curriculum is never fixed and always has room to include new learning or teaching methodologies. The school makes it fair and meaningful in the sense that the need to initiate new topics in the curriculum which are relevant to the students’ learning. 
  • Consistent Teaching-Learning Process: Consistency is an important quality to hone and it is of importance in a school curriculum as well. A student is expected to be provided with the right teaching essential for their development and moral values so that they may excel in anything that they do. This teaching should come from an instructor/teacher who is a professional or someone who is ‘learning the ropes.’ This is how internal consistency is endured when a curriculum is well-planned for both the teacher and the student. 
  • Teachers are Aligned: A good curriculum also brings forth the grouping of teachers from all different grade levels to have an assessment of student learning and conduct necessary arrangements to plan a progressive line of topics which are equally essential for the student’s education. Therefore, the knowledge necessary for the students are reinforced and they are prepared for future learning prospects too. 
  • Development of Individuals: The essence of a well-planned curriculum is to ensure the creative abilities and talents of students are honed and endured. The critical aspects necessary for the development of the students are in every sense brought about through a curriculum so that they can be developed individually. Clearly, the curriculum is instrumental in the development of students in school.
  • Ensures Holistic Development: A well-planned curriculum helps in developing the social, physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of the students. With this all-round development, students can excel in their various endeavours and the outcome is always better therefore, it is extremely essential for every educational institute to have and implement a well-planned curriculum. 


The Outcome of a Well-planned Curriculum

Girl jumping with joy: Result of integrity of curriculum

As mentioned above, there are numerous advantages to having and implementing a strategically meaningful curriculum in schools. 

  • Progress of Students: When students are taught the right skill set and concepts in schools, they are often expected to leave with a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Their personality develops eloquently and their growth flourishes. Therefore, with a well-planned curriculum expected to be brought about by a school, the progressiveness of students is seen to be better. 
  • Fruitful Development: It is often noted that teachers can pinpoint the necessary methodologies that are equitable for a meaningful learning experience for students. The instructors take this initiative to introduce the right curriculum for their students’ all-round development. Therefore, with the right curriculum, students follow up on becoming better as individuals and excel in all that they do. 
  • Finances of a School: Finances involved in providing textbooks and other means of imparting knowledge are meted out and the schools can focus on numerous dynamic roles in choosing better options for the students to learn from. The finances involved can be regulated and the school can work to provide a more efficient way of teaching and learning. 
  • Teachers’ Role: As we all know, teachers are the essence of a school’s curriculum, they are the ones who have suggested the right approach of imparting knowledge to the students, hence this makes them instrumental in the process. The curriculum is drawn from the very conceptions of the teachers and what they feel Is necessary for the student’s development hence it is fair to say that teachers are what makes the school curriculum a meaningful aspect. 

Now, we will be taking a look at a school which focuses on a curriculum integrated with the arts which is essential in bringing about the best in a child, i.e. The Earth School situated in Koregaon Park, Pune.

The Earth School, Pune

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Affiliation: IEYC
School Level: Playway
Co-ed Status: Co-ed
Established in: 2021

The Earth School focuses on art integration where they deem it necessary for their curriculum to focus on art, reading, drama, fitness and music. This inspired curriculum sets the essence for integrity to lay down its foundation and build a community of individuals around humanity, logic and literacy. “Teaching the way a child learns” is the best way to nurture and offer happy childhood. The Earth school is also guided by the Montessori approach to serving children. Free play is laid emphasis upon as it helps the children understand and challenge their physical, creative and social selves. Additionally, the learning experience helps the individual reach their potential and the community of instructors focuses on this aspect. 

Curriculum in school is extremely important, and the need for it to thrive is also essential so that both the learners and the instructors received the equitable potential for their development respectively. The students excel through their knowledge and skills taught and honed, and the teachers broaden and bring about new relevant topics essential for the school and meet the demands. Therefore, a well-planned curriculum is almost divine in every sense and its implementation can only bring about the best outcome. 

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