World Environment Day: The school planted five thousand saplings, this will give the message of a clean environment

a month ago
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Source: Live

The Gitanjali school located at Badwasni, Sonepat in Haryana planted five thousand saplings in the surrounding areas on World Environment Day and which gave a message of environmental protection. 

 The chairman of the institute, Narendra Sura, told that teams of school students will make the villagers of the surrounding villages aware by keeping a special campaign to keep their environment clean, save the earth and conserve the trees. Also, with their help during the monsoon season, five thousand saplings will be planted in rural areas. The school children will play an important role in making the campaign a success by taking care of the saplings planted by playing the role of Taru Mitra. According to Principal Sharmila, in the wake of the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the school students celebrated World Environment Day digitally.