Winter Skincare Tips for Babies

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Mayank Jain
a year ago
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Winter Skincare Tips for Babies

Source: The Indian Express

With the onset of winter, a baby’s skincare may need change. The dry, cold air holds less moisture and tends to dry out the skin. Babies have more delicate and sensitive skin than adults, making them more prone to moisture loss.


In fact, the skin of a newborn is 30 per cent thinner, less hydrated and has reduced natural moisturizing factor, compared with adult skin. Dryness, allergies and irritation of the skin during the winter season is common and parents need to take extra care by following a specific skincare routine with appropriate products.


1. Moisturize
Be it massaging, bathing or any other baby care regime, parents need to ensure that the products used are enriched with moisturizing elements. 


2. Switch up bath time
Bathing is an important part of a baby’s skincare routine. Avoid giving long, warm baths as that can dry the baby’s skin. Short baths in lukewarm water are best to reduce moisture loss as exposure to water, especially hot water, can cause skin to lose moisture and dry up.


3. Lock in moisture after bath
Moisturizing your baby is an essential part of a post-bath or sponge routine. A gentle baby lotion infused with ingredients like rice extracts and enriched with the goodness of milk proteins helps in nourishing baby skin. 


4. Guard against diaper rash
To avoid rashes and inflammation, clean the diaper area with alcohol-free and soap-free wipes that also contain moisturizing properties.


5. Dry skin condition
If the baby already has dry skin or skin conditions like eczema, one might have to take extra care to protect it in cold weather as these conditions usually flare up in winters. 


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