Why Do Babies Cry While Bathing?

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20 days ago
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Source: The Times of India

Bathing babies is really important to maintain hygiene and provides the little one with proper sleep. Some love to play with water, while others start crying. Below mentioned are some tips to know why does your baby cry while taking a bath:
1.    Temperature of water- lukewarm water is best suitable for babies as its normal temperature won’t let the baby fall ill which might happen in very hot or cold water.
2.    Hunger issues- babies should be taken for bath only when they are full. If they are hungry or tired due to playing, they might get cranky. It’s always better to have a gap of around 30-40 mins between feed and bath.
3.    Water flow- after placing the baby in the bathtub, do not gush down water on them. Pour it slowly while rubbing their body and hair gently.
4.    Rashes- water and soap might inflict burning sensation if there are rashes. Do not apply soap and instead put some ointment in that part.
5.    Follow a time table- sticking to the routine will help the baby get used to the timings for bathing and sleeping.

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