What Are The Right Skin Care Tips For Your Newborn In Their First Monsoon?

2 months ago
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Source: Indian Express

Your newborn's skin can catch infection much easily in the monsoon, thus, taking additional and right care of your baby is required. Nothing can be more beneficial than finding the right skincare tips for your newborn in their first monsoon.

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Here are some tips that will help you in taking the perfect skincare of your infant. 

  1. Clean your baby's skin at frequent intervals with a gentle baby wash so that it can stay safe from bacterial infection.
  2. Use a massage oil that contains Vitamin A and shea butter to massage your baby's body. It will soften your newborn's skin.
  3. Ensure that your baby is wearing clean and loose clothes. 
  4. Avoid using chemical products for your baby.
  5. Use diaper cream to prevent rashes due to diapers.
  6. To prevent any kind of infection, use mosquito repellents and nets.
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