What are the affidavits required for school admissions?

Mayank Jain
23 days ago
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Affidavit for school admissions

2021 school admissions are just around the corner and it is essential the parents keep the required documents ready to avoid unnecessary hassles and delay. Documents are certainly the most important when it comes to admissions in the schools of Delhi.

The original documents, certificates and affidavits for the basic proof of the identity of the people seeking admission, failing which, the school might reject the application.


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Recently, affidavits have become an important part of school admissions in Delhi. The schools demand affidavits attached to the application forms. Thus, now is a good time for the parents to talk to a notary beforehand to avoid the last-minute rush.


Here are some important things to note:


  • An affidavit must be made on a non-judicial stamp paper of value Rs. 10 and signed by a notary.


  • Certain schools might have their own specific format, thus, parents must keep themselves informed about the procedure.
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