Ways Parents are over-Parenting Kids

Pratham Suwal
a month ago
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Ways Parents are over-Parenting Kids

Source: Times of India


All parents want to keep their kids safe from problems and protect them from all kinds of discomfort. While doing so, some parents go overboard and start micromanaging their child's every life decisions, which is referred to as over-parenting. 


The act not only irritates kids but also makes them more dependent on their parents for every simple task. Overparenting mostly roots from a parent’s urge to manage their discomfort of watching their child getting hurt and making mistakes. The other reason could be the guilt about disciplining the kids and punishing them for their mistakes.


Arguing with kids for their dressing style or learning styles can be a reason for tension between parents and kids. If parents get worked up when their kids go out with parent’s friends or eat dinner late indicates that they are over-caring. To make kids independent and responsible parents need to indulge them in household chores and other activities. 


If you don't assign them some tasks they won't learn life skills, which will become an issue for them in the future. Allow your kids to make some mistakes that show how they will learn and grow.

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