Ways to Reduce Distraction and Increase Retention

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Ways to Reduce Distraction and Increase Retention

Source: The Indian Express

While the internet bears the brunt of being a major distractor, let’s not forget that the forthcoming generations will be groundbreakers of technology living in a smarter world than ever before. Their physical and virtual realities will be increasingly merged and their methods of learning and retention will need a tectonic shift.


Alongside adults, even young children and students are caught in a cobweb of never-ending to-dos with diminishing attention spans. Social media connectivity, access to an abundance of information on the net and the use of mobile apps is inevitable. 


Parents must leverage the fact that children are willing to explore new things every day and equip them with appropriate interactive tools that will keep them engaged and boost their retention.


For discerning parents, the following ways will help understand ‘How to reduce distraction and increase retention for children’.


  • Introduce Gamification to strike a healthy mix of learning and play:

          Gamification is the easiest way to combine learning and play. It is exciting and can be introduced in different ways from trivia                       quizzes to puzzles and even simulations for a holistic learning experience. 


  • Experiential and interactive learning over passive absorption

          A large part of the world is still struggling to make learning interactive and experiential. Experiential learning via AR and VR led                    features is quite a contrast to passive learning.


  • Balance of routine activities

           Right from a good night’s sleep to a family breakfast time, children should not be overburdened with hectic schedules keeping                     them on a hamster wheel. 

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