Uncommon signs to know if your child has dyslexia

Jaladhi Sonagara
20 days ago
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Signs of Dyslexia in Kids

Source: Times Of India

Dyslexia is simply an incapacity and doesn't impact a child's intelligence, learning talents, and a child's emotional intelligence. You'll be stunned to understand that children with learning disorders have tested to be academically sharp and intelligent as compared to others. 


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Although dyslexia is not a strong disability, it can be a problem for children in the long run. Detecting dyslexia at a young age and getting proper guidance will help children improve faster and adapt to their problems.


Here are 5 common signs that may indicate that your child has a learning disorder:-

  • Difficulty in reading. Most kids plagued by learning disorders have reading difficulties. They find it complicated to grasp language, letters, alphabets, and words. 


  • Difficulty with numbers. Dyslexic children find arithmetics difficult. It's extremely tough for them to try and do addition, subtraction, and other calculations. 


  • Bad handwriting. Dyslexic children usually have problems with their writing style. 


  • Unable to follow multiple instructions. Dyslexic children do not have the flexibility to multitask or follow a series of directions promptly. It takes them time to know and implement directions. 


  • Takes time within the development of speech. A dyslexic kid would possibly take more time to speak. Their learning and speech are slow as it's tough to understand a new vocabulary, language, and grammar.
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