How to prevent tooth decay in kids

Tanmay Tandon
22 days ago
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How to prevent tooth decay in kids

Source: The Indian Express

Tooth decay can be branded as a silent widespread in kids. It is the need of the hour to teach your kids to maintain good oral hygiene and limit the consumption of sugary food. Following good dental hygiene will take your kids a long way, while ignoring it can be problematic for the kids. Adhere to these essential tips given in the article right away.
When you think about the most common infectious disease in children, tooth decay may not strike your mind. But, it is one of the troublesome problems that is seen in most children. However, tooth decay can be prevented. Try to follow these important tips:

Make sure your children brush and floss daily
Try to clean your baby’s gums with a soft cloth or gauze pad to get rid of the plaque before the first teeth come in. When your child’s first teeth come in, clean his or her teeth with the help of a soft toothbrush.

Cut down on sugar
Avoid giving your child sugary foods or drinks as that can lead to tooth decay. Remove a bottle from your baby’s mouth before he or she falls asleep. 

Serve healthy foods for your child
Having nutritious foods can help keep tooth decay at bay. Try to make sure that your child eats fresh fruits, vegetables, and fruits.

Limit intake of juice

fibres in juices get stuck in the teeth causing tooth decay thus limit them

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