Tips to Take Care of your Baby’s Hygiene

Riya Sree Kaishyap
19 days ago
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Source: Times of India

Having a newborn is one of the most overwhelming yet terrifying experiences. Being parents to a newborn is a beautiful feeling, yet it also keeps them awake at night wondering if they are taking the right care of their baby.

So, here are some hygiene tips on dealing with a baby that will help to keep your baby happy and healthy.

  • Wash your hands at frequent intervals. You are holding your baby most of the time and it is important to ensure that your hands are free of germs.
  • Bathe your baby at least thrice a week. Make sure that the water is of the right temperature and use mild and chemical-free shampoo and soap.
  • Trim your baby’s nails after they turn a month old. Long nails just harbour germs and there’s always a chance of babies scratching themselves with their nails.
  • Change your baby’s diapers at regular intervals. Don’t forget to wipe your baby clean and dry before putting on a diaper.
  • Give your baby’s toys a nice wash often. Babies have a habit of putting toys into their mouth and if they are clean, there’s no cause to worry about any germs.
  • Babies also have a habit of sucking their fingers every once in a while. So remember to clean your baby’s fingers nicely with some mild soap or wet wipes.

Adopt these hygiene habits to ensure complete health and safety of your toddler.

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