Tips on Turning Your Child into a Reader

Riya Sree Kaishyap
2 months ago
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Source: Times of India

Reading is a healthy habit. A person who loves reading turns out to be a person of great knowledge and value. Thus, it is very normal for parents to want to see their kids take to reading. Here are a few tips that can help you to turn your child into a reader-

  • Take up reading yourself. Kids tend to imitate their parents. So, when they see you reading, they are likely to follow suit. 
  • Start with easy books like comics or picture books. If you choose hard books in the beginning, kids are likely to lose interest and might never end up reading even light works of fiction.
  • Read to your kids. You can also sit close beside when your kid reads, even if it is a comic book. If they see you taking an interest, they will be encouraged to read more.
  • Make reading a part of life. Be it reading books, or looking up reviews, reading is an important part of life. 
  • Help your kids by finding out reading materials that they take interest in. You can also help by stacking their favourite comics or by introducing them to fan fictions.
  • Help your kid figure out their favourite genre. This will need a lot of genres to be read before they find out what interests them the most. And once you figure that out, they are most likely to be hooked to reading.
  • Incorporate a family reading time into your everyday routine. Set up a cosy reading environment in a room and everyone can sit together and read. This can also be a great bonding time for the family.

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