Tips for parents to raise a kid with hearing impairment

21 days ago
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Communication has been an important aspect of our life. However, kids with hearing impairment may have an overwhelming experience while communicating.

This is devastating for the parents too. Language development is a crucial aspect of early childhood. But, it becomes difficult for such kids. Yet, there are some tips for parents that can help in developing communication skills in kids with hearing impairment.

  • Always make eye contact while interacting with your kid. Your kid should be able to look at your face. Thus, they would read your lips and understand your gestures easily.
  • Don't talk to them while your face is downwards. As this would make them unable to understand what you are saying.
  • Avoid talking while you are eating. As your lips would be hard to read for your kid at that time.
  • Never shout words at your kids. Avoid this kind of behaviour; talk in a normal volume. If your kid is finding it difficult to understand the sentence, then rephrase or provide some other clues such as hand gestures or other visual cues for them.
  • Moreover, move closer to your kid (1-5 meters) and communicate, or find a peaceful room. This will help in optimizing your speech over any background noise.

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