Three reasons dance is a great addition to the daily routine of students

3 months ago
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Dance brings together body and mind like a wholesome exercise with numerous health benefits. Here's why you should make it an everyday affair. While most parents saw dance as a co-curricular activity but in reality, dance is an incredible way to keep your mind sharp and your body healthy. You can even get a variety of jobs in this sector if you choose to get a degree, diploma or certificate in a dance program.

Here are 3 ways listed by India's dance guru Shiamak Davar regarding how dance can help develop students.

  1. It helps reduce stress

Music in itself is therapeutic. Dance is a physical interpretation of what the music says. It is a great way to release energy, shed inhibitions and let your emotions out. When you dance you sweat which makes your body release a hormone called endorphins that makes you happy thereby keeping a happy state of mind. 

  1. It boosts confidence

In times where kids are constantly on their mobile devices, dance is a great hobby where they learn, enjoy and work out at the same time. Dance helps in skillful progression and improves fitness levels, confidence, focus, concentration, team spirit, positive thinking, discipline, all-round development, posture, and body language.

  1. It helps in overcoming difficulties

        Many students who are generally introverts get a platform to express themselves and their personality starts reflecting positively after attending dance classes.

Any activity that you engage in needs to become a part of your regular schedule to really experience and appreciate its impact. It is a form of art that evolves constantly and continuously. 

So, to imbibe it to the maximum scale, it is essential to make it a part of your routine.