Things to consider if Parents are thinking about homeschooling their children

Mayank Jain
a month ago
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Things to consider if Parents are thinking about homeschooling their children

Source: The Conversation

A successful homeschooling experience happens when children and parents know the expectations, set targets, and enjoy them. In some families, one child can be homeschooled while another attends a mainstream school – if those options suit the individual children. Homeschooling should be a deliberate choice.

To homeschool, the child’s parent or guardian is the teacher (and de facto principal), and the home is viewed by authorities as a school. Parents who take on this challenge can be understandably worried if they have the time, patience, skills, and money to provide a home school for their child.

There is no specific amount of time families should be spending on homeschooling their children. Children will need to develop an understanding of when a parent is being a parent, and when the parent is being an educator or facilitator. It’s important to delineate homeschool time from time simply being a family, even if any activity can become a learning experience.

There are no prescriptive ways to deliver the curriculum, which is one of the benefits of homeschooling – the freedom to engage with the curriculum in a different, more creative way. The freedom of unschooling can increase confidence and sense of self in students. But homeschooled children also need peers they can engage with for social development.

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