Telangana High Court allows School Reopening from September 1 except Residential Schools

Pratham Suwal
18 days ago
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Telangana High Court Allows School Reopening From September 1 Except Residential Schools

Source: NDTV Education

The Telangana High Court on Tuesday permitted reopening of schools from September 1 while staying the physical reopening of government residential schools. The High Court also directed that no child studying in any class shall be compelled by any school management to physically attend offline classes, if his or her parent is not inclined to send the child to school.


On August 23, the Telangana government decided to reopen all private and government educational institutions in the state from September 1 by following various precautionary measures. The High Court in its directions on Tuesday said all schools other than Government Residential Schools, Social Welfare Schools and Tribal welfare Schools with hostel facilities are permitted to open from September 1.


The stay will be in place for four weeks on such schools and the government was asked to file a counter affidavit and inform the court on the number of Government and Social Welfare Schools in the state and how many of them are with hostels.


"The Court while posting the matter to October 4 directed authorities to inform it on the measures taken on following COVID-19 norms and to ensure safety. "It is left open to school management to have either only offline or only online or both offline and online classes," the Court said. 


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