Depressed Faces Leading To Depression In Teenagers

15 days ago
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Source: Times Of India

Children are very badly affected by the COVID pandemic. A recent report had shown that kids between the age of 3 to 10 years are predominantly affected by the lockdown. They are experiencing social detachment, digital education, absence of outside exercises, boredom and what not. This is unintentionally prompting uneasiness and even depression among kids. 

However, it's not just the 3-10 age bunch that is getting influenced by the current pandemic, teenagers are taking the brunt of the impact as well. As per the researchers from Binghamton College, State College of New York, teenagers feel mainly influenced by observing depressed faces. They concentrated on how sad faces and other attention biases influence an adolescent's reaction to stress and anxiety, which was analysed both in the labs and the genuine world.

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According to the report of the study published in Science Daily, “If a teenager has a tendency to pay more attention to negative stimuli, then when they experience something stressful they are likely to show a greater increase in depressive symptoms. For example, if two teenagers both have a fight with a friend and one teenager spends more time paying attention to the negative stimuli (i.e., sad faces) than the other, then that teenager may show a greater increase in depressive symptoms in response to the stressor, potentially because they are paying more attention to the stressor and how the stressor makes them  feel.”

To put it plainly, if their mind thinks that its hard to control the stressors and handle feelings, they find it difficult to look away from negative stimuli, for example, depressed faces and they keep looking it.

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