Teaching Children Not to Fear Failure

Riya Sree Kaishyap
17 days ago
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Source: Times of India

Failure and setbacks are just a part of development, and even life, in general. They are just pillars that make us strong to embrace challenges in life. When it comes to children, failures can be a rather scary fear. But realizing the importance of failure is the basic step in attempting to learn from it. So, here’s how you can teach your children not to fear failure.

  • Focus on growth and not on success. It is not compulsory to have a fixed slope of learning, but growing is.
  • Teach your kids to embrace their failures and mistakes. Being aware of what went wrong and learning from it is much more important than celebrating success.
  • Don’t stress too much about winning. Instead, teach them that losing and learning is as important as winning.
  • Share your stories of failures and how they help you. Take the help of daily household activities as well to make your point clearer.

Kids always look up to their parents. So, remember to handle failures gracefully if you want your kids to do the same and not fear failure.

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