Tamil Nadu Releases SOP for Reopening Schools from September 1

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a month ago
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Tamil Nadu Releases SOP for Reopening Schools from September 1

Source: NDTV Education

The Tamil Nadu government has released Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for reopening schools for classes 9 to 12. Schools in the state, for classes 9 to 12, and medical colleges will reopen from September 1. Fifty percent of students will be accommodated in a class.


Both students and staff working are required to follow all the Covid-19 guidelines mentioned in the SOP in schools. Eligible students and staff must be vaccinated and entry will be prohibited for symptomatic teachers, students, or non-teaching staff.


All schools in Tamil Nadu will be required to be screened within one week of reopening. For this, the Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) teams will be used. Other PHC teams can also be mobilized as per requirements, the government said.


In classrooms, social distancing must be ensured, the government said. For this, students should have a seating gap of 6 feet between them or there should be one student per desk.


Social distancing should be maintained in offices and staff rooms as well. School premises and school transportation vehicles must be well-sanitized.


Schools can use temporary outdoor spaces as classrooms to ensure social distancing among the students, the SOP said.


At the time of entry and exit in the school physical distancing must be followed and schools are required to prepare a timetable for this purpose.


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