Tackling Your Newborn And Elder Kid

a month ago
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When a newborn joins the family, some major changes are expected. However, it can become a little different in the everyday life of the elder kid. They may feel isolated, forgotten, or maybe have "no one cares about me" kind of feelings. So, here are some tips to happily welcome your newborn with your elder kid.

  1. Explain to your kid it may happen that you will get busy in taking care of the newborn as infants can't talk or say what they want. Further, newborns need extra care and so you might get busy with them but that doesn't mean that you don't love the elder child.
  2. You can use storytelling as a source. It would benefit both of your kids. Additionally, kids understand better through stories so, you can actually make them understand these things very simply through this method.
  3. Take a little help of the elder child in taking care of younger ones. This way, they will feel valued and not isolated. You can make them bring the clothes of the newborn from the cupboard or maybe ask them to play a little with the baby. Kids love it so much thus, both of them will enjoy it. Further, it will help in having a strong bond with each other.

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