Simple ways to parent a preteen

Preet Ambhire
a month ago
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Parent a preteen

Source: Times Of India

Parents find it difficult to know what's causing their children to break down. Hence, we bring back you simple steps to abide by, while comforting your child.

Understand calmly: The key to understanding your preteen is to concentrate, comfort, and reassure them that everything is going to be all right. So the distress they're feeling now will soon getaway as they learn to adapt rapidly.

Breaks in routine: Children are following a schedule ever since they started schooling. Experiencing a sudden, long break in their usual routine can thoroughly confuse the kid.

Praise them: Instead of constantly scolding or correcting their mistakes, try praising them once a short time. Instead of being in a strict environment always, allow an additional scoop of frozen dessert.

Be with them: This is the perfect time to possess some quality family togetherness. Spend time together with your child, play board games, watch TV with them, or maybe bake some cakes.

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Indulge in creative ideas: Keeping up together with your child while they draw, sketch, or maybe sing is often an excellent idea. This shows that you simply also share their interests, and thus, the kid will get thinking about you as a friend.

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