Schools and colleges to be shut down in Nagpur until March 7

Riya Sree Kaishyap
9 days ago
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Source: India Today

Following the sudden rise of Covid-19 cases in Nagpur, the schools and colleges in Nagpur are being suspended until March 7. This step was taken by Minister Nitish Raut in an emergency meeting that was held to review the situation.

The last three days saw a surge of Covid-19 cases in Nagpur. A total of 2000 people turned out as Covid-affected these days. Hence, the government decided to shut down schools and colleges in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus and also ensure the safety of the students, parents and teachers.

The State Power Minister Nitish Raut also mentioned that a partial lockdown will be imposed in Nagpur. He also mentioned that the weekly markets will also be shut down until March 7. 

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