Keeping Safety Points in Mind while Sending Kids back to School

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Keeping Safety Points in Mind while Sending Kids back to School

Source: The Indian Express

As online learning shifts to offline classes with physical schools reopening, parents worry about the health of their kids, given the risks associated with social interactions in the ongoing pandemic.


There has been a drop in Covid cases, which has led to some normalcy. Many schools across the country, therefore, have now decided to resume actual classes. While this is a good step, given that children need social interactions and physical activities in their formative years, it is natural for parents to worry about their safety, too.


It is crucial for parents to mentally prepare their kids to adapt to the new school environment. They will need to sensitize their wards on the following such as Wearing a mask, one student on one bench, Temperature checks, repeated sanitizing etc.


Some other things to keep in mind:
•    Following social distancing norms: With all the social distancing norms in place, there will be a lack of friendly banter between children which is crucial for one’s healthy school experience. 

•     Hybrid model: Schools may work in a hybrid model where some element of virtual function or assignments and submissions may continue to maintain minimal contact between students and teachers.

•     Healthy habits: Help children understand the importance of maintaining hygiene during this situation. Encourage them to keep themselves and others safe.

•     Vaccination: The Covid vaccine will be made available to children soon, get them vaccinated. Until then, get their flu shots on a timely basis.


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