Rules To Follow For Your Baby’s Personal Hygiene

Kajori Biswas
2 months ago
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Source: Times of India

Babies are extremely delicate and keeping them safe and healthy is every parents’ priority, especially when viruses keep lurking around. Here are a few rules that every parent must follow with their infants.

1. Bathing- Babies under one year should be given a bath at least thrice a week.

2. Diapers- Change diapers at frequent intervals. Wipe and dry the area while changing.

3. Wash your hands- Even after the pandemic is over, continue washing your hands regularly as you have to touch the baby and other things as well.

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4. Trim nails- Nails carry a lot of germs, so trim them when they grow long.

5. Cleansing- Clean your baby’s hands with wet wipes as they tend to put their hands in their mouth.

6. Toys- Babies also put toys in their mouth. So, it’s better to wash them.

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