The Role of Working Memory in Child’s Growth

Pratham Suwal
a month ago
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The Role of Working Memory in Child’s Growth

Source: The Indian Express

Working memory is particularly crucial for children as it affects how they learn. Everything from math to comprehension to problem solving makes use of working memory. Children use their working memory skills when they have to follow multi-step directions, do mental arithmetic and most crucially of all, it enables them to stay focused in the face of distractions.


Improving working memory focuses on creating an environment and using strategies that manage the working memory load. Break down tasks into smaller, simpler steps and use simple, clear, easy-to-understand language when giving out instructions. Doing so enables children to process multiple information more effectively in the long run.


Multi-step game is a great way to enhance one’s working memory. Bellowing out an order of objects to get in Simon Says or giving a set of 5 ordered tasks for an obstacle course all are a great tool to get that working memory going.

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