Week after Reopening, Attendance picks up in Delhi Schools

Mayank Jain
8 days ago
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Week after Reopening, Attendance picks up in Delhi Schools

Source: India Today

A week after schools across the national capital restarted in-person sessions for students from classes 9-12, school authorities said attendance has started picking up in private and government institutions even as many parents and teachers also said that lack of bus services deterred many from sending their children to schools.


A few schools said that they were expecting the attendance to increase after ongoing exams. Meanwhile, parents’ associations said that the lack of school bus service prevented many students from attending physical classes.


It’s not been a cakewalk for the schools which have opened their gates for students of Classes 9 to 12. The schools are witnessing varied responses for the two groups of students. While the attendance for those studying in Class 11 and 12th is higher, the response for Class 9 and 10th are comparatively less.


The resumption of offline classes had also kicked off apprehensions around the safety of the children. Reopening of schools meant that the students would spend four to five hours a day inside their campuses. 


Naturally, it triggers the concern as to whether the students would be able to maintain the Covid-appropriate behavior while they are attending classes and when they are with their friends. 


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