'Removed Topics Can Be Used For Experiential Learning', Clarifies CBSE

~Nimisha Paul
25 days ago
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Source: NDTV

The topics that were recently removed from the syllabus of CBSE can be used to impart experiential and project bases learning. These could be achieved through strategies provided by NCERT in the Alternative Academic Calendar released in April.

The topics removed will not be a part of internal assessment either, said CBSE.

The board has also clarified that if any school has already covered one of the topics which are not a part of the 'Revised Academic Curriculum' for classes 9 to 12, those topics can be a part of Internal Assessment and credit to students will be given for Board Exams 2021.

The reduction of the syllabus was not received well by various stakeholders who claimed that removing important chapters like 'Federalism', 'Citizenship', and 'Secularism' from Political Science syllabus was 'ideologically motivated'.

The Board, in reply, released a clarification stating that removal of these topics was a one-time measure in response to the loss of academic days this session due to the Covid-19 crisis.

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