Reduce plastic pollution, go green with baby wipes

Shramana Biswas
a month ago
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Eco-friendly Baby Wipes

Source: Indian Express

The worldwide analysis says polyester in baby wipes account for around 35 % of plastic pollution and lots of environmental agencies have even acted to prevent its usage. With an enhanced demand in India, the trade is sharply moving towards the adoption of eco-friendly wipes with natural ingredients like plant fibers. Eco-friendly wipes are gaining quality and have seen acceptance among informed parents who wish to opt for green parenting.

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Researchers are even recommending water-based wipes taking into the thought that babies are more at risk of skin allergies and a sizeable quantity of alcohol could additionally raise the matter. parents have started experiencing natural wipes and up to date trends show they're step by step forming the habit of using water-based wipes as they feel it’s safe for their kid. 

The recent shift from chemical-based to eco-friendly wipes has supported several start-ups making an attempt to introduce eco-friendly products and have additionally paved the way for natural baby care. Several products are currently following an equivalent path as eco-friendly natural baby wipes, creating the chemical-free range a preferred choice.

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