Reasons Why Babies Cry

Kajori Biswas
3 months ago
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Source: Times of India

Babies don’t know how to speak and so crying becomes their only means of communication. Below are the reasons as to why babies cry. 

1. The baby might be tired.
2. The most common reason is if they are hungry.
3. They may get cranky and cry for a nappy change.
4. When they are not feeling well.
5. They may need to burp if they cry after feeding.

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6. Sometimes they also cry if they feel like it. Soothe them at that time.
7. Overstimulation when too many people are in contact with the baby.
8. Due to over or underdressing they might feel too hot or cold.
9. They might just need a cuddle.
10. If after crying they tend to have vomiting, fever or breathing issues, contact your doctor at the earliest.

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