There’s No Going Back Now Parents Have Seen Behind The Classroom Curtain

Tanmay Tandon
12 days ago
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Parents Want Real-Time Feedback from Schools

Source: Forbes


Of all the shifts in education caused by the pandemic, perhaps the most significant and the one with the most far-reaching consequences is the greater involvement of parents in their children’s schooling.

For the first time, parents have been given a window into not just their children’s development, but into what and how they learn on an hour-by-hour and even a minute-by-minute basis.

Even though many breathed a sigh of relief when their children finally returned to school, the vision they have gained has been priceless. This genie is not going back in the bottle.


“Parents were able to get feedback in real-time to see how involved our children were with lessons.”

“That is something that was missing or was not so vigorous prior to the pandemic.”

But while some parents will be eager to step back once their children return to school, many will want to step through the door that the pandemic has opened.
And although some schools may not welcome greater inspection from parents, others will recognize the huge benefits on offer: parental involvement is an important element of success for both the school and the individual student.


Silverline Prestige School is an example of an institute that has been at the top of the game of online classes and has cultivated a culture of learning and development in their students.

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“The greater use of technology in the classroom allows parents and teachers to communicate much more quickly and efficiently, and that is something we will continue to see as children return to the classroom because the technology investments have been made.” 


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