Primary and Middle Schools in Kashmir Reopen from Monday

Riya Sree Kaishyap
a month ago
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Primary and Middle Schools in Kashmir Reopen from Monday

Source: NDTV

The primary and middle school students in Kashmir finally resumed classes on Monday after a yearlong break. The schools will in the state were shut down a year back along with schools around the country a year back due to the pandemic.

Although the schools reopened after more than a year, the attendance registered on Monday was very low as speculations regarding the spread of the virus are still doing rounds. The higher classes resumed school around two weeks ago and there’s been news of some students being affected by the virus after attending school.

It has been confirmed that the schools have been asked to follow all safety precautions to ensure maximum protection. This will include regular sanitization, usage of masks and ensuring social distancing at all times. Students also have the option of attending classes online if they are not open to offline classes yet.

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