PICA- A behaviour of eating inedible items in toddlers

6 months ago
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Kids eating things not meant to be eaten is an act that bothers almost every parent. Mostly toddlers put various kinds of stuff in their mouth. This behaviour is scientifically known as PICA and can lead to serious health issues. 

But why do kids eat inedible items? The exact reason is not yet known, still, there can be several reasons for this behaviour:
• Malnutrition or hunger.
• Autism or any other intellectual disability.
• Mental health problems.
• Normal developmental phase.

PICA usually improves as the kids grow older. In the meantime, parents can explain to them what they can eat and what they should not. They can also put the items out of kids' reach to prevent them eating the item.

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However, in kids with serious health problems, this behaviour persists even later. Hence, parents should consult doctors if they find that the behaviour is not appropriate according to the age of the kid.

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