'Physical Literacy Training' for 1000 teachers of physical education

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Source: Times of India

As per the Deputy Chief Minister, physical education is something needed 24x7 throughout life. Hence, a 5-day virtual training programme on 'Physical Literacy' will be conducted for over 1000 government school teachers of Physical Education. 

He said, "Physical and mental development are inter-linked. Today, when our children are not able to step out, it has become the need of the hour to introduce the concept of physical literacy. He also said, "It will help in making every individual cognizant of their body and engage in the physical activities for their overall well-being."

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He said to teachers, "In the last few years, you all have played an important role in shaping our students. During these COVID-19 times, your role has become even more crucial because our students are confined to their rooms. This is hampering the physical growth of all the students."

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