Parents want government schools to reopen, Fed up with homeschooling

Mayank Jain
a month ago
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Parents want government schools to reopen, Fed up with homeschooling

Source: The Tribune

Due to rising Covid cases Extension of restrictions has led to the shutdown of schools again. The decision has not gone down well with parents of the students studying in the government schools, mostly in the rural belt. They said it was after a long wait that they were planning to send their wards to schools where they could ‘actually’ study. But with the state government closing the schools again, in wake of the increase in the number of cases, parents of the government schools’ students are left to face the same challenges again.

Teachers shared that the parents had been approaching them and calling them to ask why the schools were closed again. A teacher from Government School said, the parents often ask them about the reopening of schools? “They tell me that they had brought phones for online education of the students with much difficulty, but the students were still not studying the way they should. So, the parents think that it was important for them to visit the schools and attend offline classes the way they used to earlier,” and it was only because of the rise in the number of Covid cases that the decision was taken. 

A head teacher from the government school also shared the same sentiments. “The department has done its best in these tough times. But parents don’t listen to us. They keep on coming to us and tell us about their problems. They said.

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