Parents refuse to send their children to school in Unlock 5

Akshita Patnaik
24 days ago
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School's reopen after COVID

Source: The Indian Express

The HRD Ministry guidelines for Unlock 5 yields the flexibility to the schools and coaching centres to reopen after October 15 and some schools have made the decision to open their schools with the promise to encourage social distancing. About 71% of parents across India are unwilling to send their wards to school, and 9% are unsure about the same.

According to the HRD, the students can only attend school with parental consent and that the attendance cannot be forced and will solely depend on the parents.  

Keeping in mind the increasing cases during the pandemic and the forthcoming festivals, about 32% of the parents think that schools should not open before January 2021 while some said the session should not start before March/April 2021. The parents who are in favour of opening the schools from October 1st is only 7% .

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All the schools and institutes all over India are closed since March due to the pandemic. The schools that will reopen have to follow the SOP released by the States/UTs on the health precautions of the schools. It is still not wrong to blame the parents for their refusal with the increasing COVID cases in the country.


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