Parents fear Technology-Dependence is making Kids grow up Faster

Pratham Suwal
15 days ago
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Parents fear Technology-Dependence is making Kids grow up Faster

Source: The Indian Express

Children of this generation are already so much in contact with technology and the pandemic made virtual learning a trend for the kids. Therefore physically present in schools is the dependence on technology. This exposure to the gadgets made children addicted to it and that is the thing parents have been more concerned about.


The one thing that parents have been most concerned about, ever since the pandemic made children take up virtual learning as opposed to being physically present in schools, is the dependence on technology. Around the world, this exposure to gadgets and long hours spent with them has given parents many sleepless nights.


Their main concern is the fact that it has robbed kids of a normal childhood of being outdoors, playing with friends and using computers minimally. Parenting is now more challenging than ever before, because technology has started to play a big role in our everyday lives. Hence, it is parent’s responsibility to monitor and control their children’s online activity.


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