Parenting In Focus: Teaching talking

Tanmay Tandon
10 days ago
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Parenting In Focus: Teaching talking

Source: Sequim Gazette

You are the one who teaches your child to talk and to connect. You begin doing it from the time she is born. You do it when you smile and tell her how cute she is.
You do it by asking her what things are when she is under the age of 1. You may not know the things she says but make some comment about what she might be saying.
You talk about how she feels by talking about being tired hungry, happy and sad when she is under the age of 2. Inspire her to express these kinds of feelings. You want to make sure she learns how to talk about her feelings.
You teach her about communication when she plays and shares her toys with others when she is under the age of 3. Be sure she has many opportunities to play with other children even in this difficult time period of the pandemic. These social skills are important to inspire and they promote healthy living habits.
By the time she is 4, she will want to be involved in adult chats you have, will be making up stories, and will discuss things that she likes or does not like. Encourage her be a member.
Her communication skills are meaningfully influenced by her interaction with you. Your conversations with her teach her that this time is valued.

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