Parenting during Covid-19 pandemic

Mayank Jain
23 days ago
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Parenting during Covid-19 pandemic

Source: India Today

Coronavirus has created a panic across the globe, adding a new strain to fight with every year. India is now preparing itself for the third wave which is going to affect children more. Children have been locked inside the houses for over a year now with schools being shut and lockdowns being imposed.

The parents use strategies to tackle their home situations, since it is not easy to let children understand the present situation, parents should try to keep their kids busy with studies and household works. Religious teachings also play a crucial role during these times because children do not argue and rather respect what is told in the name of God.

To maintain a healthy and positive environment in the house, parents should keep changing strategies, such as cooking interesting healthy food. Parents should not let their children watch TV or play games on phone instead they should encourage them to read books.

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