Parenting In Focus: Making a difference in what you do as a parent

Tanmay Tandon
24 days ago
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Parenting In Focus: Making a difference in what you do as a parent

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Researchers have always been involved in how active parents can be. Parents have been interested for themselves.
Current research has shown some very interesting results. By examining the brains of children who have been physically, sexually, or emotionally abused, experts have learned that these kinds of abuse change the child’s brain forever. It is not something a child will “get over.”
The child who is abused and abandoned will probably do poorly in school, be suspended more frequently, have to repeat grades, and may drop out of school. What you do to your child, and even what you say, meaningfully impacts your child.
Parents take on a huge responsibility when they raise a child. You need to keep your child safe, encourage him, care for him, be with him, teach him and love him. The accountability of raising a child may be the most serious one you ever undertake.

• Loving things to do to make a difference
• Be consistent
• Be there for him
• Tell him you love him
• Tell him what he does right
• Be fair
• Read to him and with him
• Give him hugs regularly
• Know where he is
• Stay away from illegal drugs
• Do what you say you will do
• Spend close time together
• Talk to him and listen to him
• Talk about him positively
• Keep him safe

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